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    по слову YET

    1. Answer
    Входимость: 1. Размер: 2кб.
    Часть текста: The quiet April day has sent me What a strange missive. You knew that passionately in me The scary week is still alive. I did not hear those ringing bells That swam along in glazier clear. For seven days sounded copper laugh Or poured from eyes a silver tear. And I, then having closed my face As for eternal parting's moment, Lay down and waited for her grace That was not known yet as torment.
    2. Village of the Tsar Statue
    Входимость: 1. Размер: 2кб.
    Часть текста: Upon the swan pond maple leaves Are gathered already, you see, And bloodied are the branches dark Of slowly blooming quicken-tree. Blindingly elegant is she, Crossing her legs that don't feel cold Upon the northern stone sits she And calmly looks upon the road. I felt the gloomy, dusky fear Before this woman of delight As on her shoulders played alone The rays of miserable light. And how could I forgive her yet Your shining praise by love deluded Look, she is happily in sorrow, And in such elegance denuded.
    3. * * * (The early chills are most pleasant to me)
    Входимость: 1. Размер: 2кб.
    Часть текста: The early chills are most pleasant to me. Torment releases me when I come there. Mysterious, dark places of habitation - Are storehouses of labor and prayer. The calm and confident loving I can't surmount in this side of mine: A drop of Novgorod blood inside me Is like a piece of ice in foamy wine. And this can not in any way be corrected, She has not been melted by great heat, And what ever I began to glory - You, quiet one, shine before me yet.
    4. Unification
    Входимость: 1. Размер: 2кб.
    Часть текста: I'll leave your quiet yard and your white house - Let life be empty and with light complete. I'll sing the glory to you in my verse Like not one woman has sung glory yet. And that dear girlfriend you remember In heaven you created for her sight, I'm trading product that is very rare - I sell your tenderness and loving light.
    5. * * * (All year long you are close to me)
    Входимость: 2. Размер: 2кб.
    Часть текста: All year long you are close to me And, like formerly, happy and young! Aren't you tortured already By the traumatized strings' dark song? Those now only lightly moan That once, taut, loudly rang And aimlessly they are torn By my dry, waxen hand. Little is necessary to make happy One who is tender and loving yet, The young forehead is not touched yet By jealousy, rage or regret. He is quiet, does not ask to be tender, Only stares and stares at me And with blissful smile does he bear My oblivion's dreadful insanity.

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