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    по слову QUIET

    1. * * * (The early chills are most pleasant to me)
    Входимость: 1. Размер: 2кб.
    Часть текста: The early chills are most pleasant to me. Torment releases me when I come there. Mysterious, dark places of habitation - Are storehouses of labor and prayer. The calm and confident loving I can't surmount in this side of mine: A drop of Novgorod blood inside me Is like a piece of ice in foamy wine. And this can not in any way be corrected, She has not been melted by great heat, And what ever I began to glory - You, quiet one, shine before me yet.
    2. * * * (He walked over fields and over village)
    Входимость: 1. Размер: 2кб.
    Часть текста: He walked over fields and over village, And asked people from afar: "Where is she, where is the happy glimmer Of her eyes that are gray stars? Here the final days of spring Come along, in turbid fire. Still more frequent, still more tender Are the dreams I have of her." And he came in the dark city In the quiet evening time He was thinking then of Venice And of London all the same. At the church both tall and dark Stepped on shining stairs' granite And he prayed then of the coming Meeting with his first delight. And above the altar made of gold Flamed away the garden of God's rays: "Here she is, here is the happy glimmer Of gray joyous stars that are her eyes."
    3. Answer
    Входимость: 1. Размер: 2кб.
    Часть текста: The quiet April day has sent me What a strange missive. You knew that passionately in me The scary week is still alive. I did not hear those ringing bells That swam along in glazier clear. For seven days sounded copper laugh Or poured from eyes a silver tear. And I, then having closed my face As for eternal parting's moment, Lay down and waited for her grace That was not known yet as torment.
    4. Escape
    Входимость: 1. Размер: 3кб.
    Часть текста: "My dear, if we could only Reach all the way to the seas" "Be quiet" and descended the stairs Losing breath and looking for keys. Past the buildings, where sometime We danced and had fun and drank wine Past the white columns of Senate Where it's dark, dark again. "What are you doing, you madman!" "No, I am only in love with thee! This evening is wide and noisy, Ship will have lots of fun at the sea!" Horror tightly clutches the throat, Shuttle took us at dusk on our turn.. The tough smell of ocean tightrope Inside trembling nostrils did burn. "Say, you most probably know: I don't sleep? Thus in sleep it can be" Only oars splashed in measured manner Over Nieva's waves heavy. And the black sky began to get lighter, Someone called from the bridge to us, As with both hands I was clutching On my chest the rim of the cross. On your arms, as I lost all my power, Like a little girl you carried me, That on deck of a yacht alabaster Incorruptible day's light we'd meet.
    5. * * * (Has my fate really been so altered)
    Входимость: 1. Размер: 2кб.
    Часть текста: Has my fate really been so altered, Or is this game truly truly over? Where are winters, when I fell asleep In the morning in the sixth hour? In a new way, severely and calmly, I now live on the wild shore. I can no longer pronounce The tender or idle word. I can't believe that Christmas-tide is coming. Touchingly green is this the steppe before The beaming sun. Like a warm Wave, licks the tender shore. When from happiness languid and tired I was, then of such quiet With trembling inexpressible I dreamed And this in my imagining I deemed The after-mortal wandering of the soul.

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